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Available in strip packaging and exactly measured at 100 mg of active chemical agent in every pill, Tridon
100 is a popular source of allopathic trazodone for scientific research. Trazodone has been considered as
potentially useful for treatment of depression, insomnia, and anxiety disorder, with effects similar to
amitriptyline or doxepin. Delivered in factory packaging and containing very pure trazodone in a reliable
concentration, Tridon 100 is one of the best known brand names of this pharmaceutical and is widely
used by professional researchers worldwide.


Trazodone belongs to the phenylpiperazine group of compounds and has a confirmed role as a serotonin
antagonist and reuptake inhibitor (SARI). It binds to several different types of receptors and has a weak
affinity for histamine receptors as well. However, its relationship with the important 5-HT 2C receptor is
still unclear and requires more research to understand properly. It is identified in literature by its
simplified formula C19H22CIN5O and its CAS number 19794-93-5, while its molar mass is 371.9 g/mol.


Since trazodone can be hazardous if it comes into direct contact with human tissues, it must be handled
with extreme caution and with use of personal protective equipment. As with all other products
available from our site, Tridon 100 is not intended for human consumption and it may only be used for
legitimate research under controlled laboratory conditions, in presence of qualified professionals.


Buyers from anywhere in the world can purchase Tridon 100 from our site. The shipment will arrive to
the specified address with authentic products in agreed quantities. Please be aware that legal status of
trazodone may vary from one location to another, so buyers are advised to check local regulations
before placing an order. Refunds are not issued after an order is completed under any circumstances.

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