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Pain O Soma/Carisoprodol belongs to the muscle relaxers. Because of the powerful composition, Carisoprodol is blocking painful sensations between the brain and nerves. It results is an effective treatment of skeletal muscle disorders. Pain O Soma/Carisoprodol is used to fight muscle disorders, related to injury and pain.

  • The taking of the soma pill should be done in a limited amount. as taking the medicine more than three weeks continuously can make the person dependent on the medicine.
  • The medicine can be taken multiple times in day.
  • The action of the soma pill lasts for about eight hours in a day.
  • Taking of alcoholic drinks with soma pill is not considered as a good practice.
  • Storing of the pill in the right place will help you have a better shelf life of the medicine.
  • On noticing any side effect after taking the soma pill should not be taken lightly. Taking the patient to a doctor is such condition is important.


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