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Lexaheal 20 mg


Based on the relatively unknown research chemical escitalopram, this product fills an urgent need on the market for scientific supplies. Lexaheal 20 mg is in the tablet form, with separately packaged and exactly measured tablets being very convenient for conducting organized research. Escitalopram has been studied for just a few decades as it was first synthesized only in the late 90s, and it has recently come into focus for its physical properties and biochemical interactions, especially its potential as anti-anxiety medication.


Some of the properties of escitalopram can be better understood in the light of the fact that it represents the S-isomer or left-handed version of the well-known anti-depressant citalopram. Its molecules differ only in the position of the 4-fluoro phenyl group, which is sufficient for significantly different pharmacological profiles. Escitalopram has a known affinity of blocking the reuptake of serotonin with high selectivity for the SERT receptor and also inhibits the CYP2D6 enzyme. Simple molecular formula of this compound is C20H21FN2O, while it’s sometimes referenced in the scientific literature by its CAS number 128196-01-0.


As with all other chemical products from our offering, Lexaheal 20 is only approved for in vitro experiments and any other type of use is strictly prohibited by our terms and conditions. Since the substance can cause unpredictable and potentially dangerous effects if ingested or otherwise contacted by humans, it needs to be handled with full protective equipment and stored in an appropriate place.


Our online shop can deliver Lexaheal in original 20 mg tablets anywhere in the world, straight to a specified address. Before ordering, customers are strongly advised to ascertain the current status of escitalopram and related compounds in their country of residence. We don’t issue refunds for deliveries that were prevented from reaching their destination due to legal issues or administrative reasons.

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