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NEXTRIL 100 mg


There is a lot of demand for chemical products with potential in the treatment of anxiety, and NEXTRIL
100 looks like one of the most suitable candidates at the moment. This pharmaceutical is based on
tofiosopam, which has confirmed anxiolytic properties and represents a strong alternative to better
known benzodiazepines like clonazepam or diazepam. Delivered in factory packaging containing 100 mg
tablets, NEXTRIL 100 is a very reliable source of high-purity tofiosopam.


While tofisopam belongs to the class of benzodiazepines, its pharmacological profile is markedly
different from other substances from this group. Most importantly, it doesn’t impair motoric abilities or
cognition, while its interactions with several crucial biochemical systems such as CYP3A4 enzyme are a
subject of intense study. Tofiosopam also acts as a PDE 10A inhibitor, which could explain some of its
unique properties. Simple chemical formula of this compound is C22H26NO4, and its molar mass is
measured at 382.5 g/mol.


All chemical products from our online store must be stored and handled in a safe manner. Only in vitro
testing of tofiosopam by qualified laboratory personnel is allowed per our terms and conditions. Use of
protective gloves and other equipment is highly recommended whenever coming into direct contact
with the product. For this reason, tablets should be kept in original packaging for as long as practical.


It’s very simple to order pharmaceutical grade tofiosopam in the form of NEXTRIL 100 from our online
shop. Upon completion of the transaction, the products will be shipped directly to a specified address
with international deliveries available. However, buyers are expected to conduct due diligence and
ascertain the legal status of tofiosopam in their country of residence before making an order. No
refunds can be issued after the shipment has been sent to its destination.


100% Etizolam replacement

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