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It’s well known that many benzodiazepines have strong anti-anxiety properties, but most of them have
serious drawbacks too. That’s why modern research is considering alternative chemicals like tofiosopam,
which is the main active component of NEXTRIL 50. Thanks to high purity and integrity of this product,
researchers around the world are able to study various biochemical properties and interactions of
tofiosopam, using precisely measured 50 mg pills as samples.


Tofisopam is a relatively unknown chemical from the benzodiazepine group, with a chemical structure
that is slightly different in terms of the position of substituted atoms. This subtle molecular difference
explains the unique pharmacological profile of this compound. Notably, this chemical inhibits the
release of PDE 10A enzyme, and also has a role in the regulation of CYP3A4. In scientific literature, this
compound is described by its molecular formula C22H26NO4, while its CAS number is 22345-47-7.


Standard laboratory safety measures must be applied whenever conducting experiments with
tofiosopam and similar compounds. The substance is not suitable for human consumption and per our
terms and conditions can be used only for scientific purposes. Make sure the product is stored in a dark
and dry place, while the space where the tests are conducted has to be properly ventilated. Personal
protective equipment can reduce the risk of exposure to potentially harmful chemicals.


To order NEXTRIL 50 from our shop, just specify the quantity and your preferred payment method and
the product will be immediately sent to your location. All orders are considered final, and can’t be
revoked at a later date. Be mindful of the fact that benzodiazepines including tofiosopam may be
considered restricted substances in some jurisdictions. Buyers bear full responsibility for any
consequences arising locally as a result of their actions, either material or legal.


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