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Active ingredient of Zopsign is zopiclone, a compound discovered in 1986 and found to have properties
useful for countering insomnia, depression, or anxiety. Conveniently packaged in 10 mg tablets, this
product offers a great source of zopiclone for a range of scientific experiments. Zopsign is one of the
most reliable pharmaceutical brands based on zopiclone, and has been among the best selling products
in our online store.


While zopiclone and its stereoisomer eszopiclone are chemically not similar to benzodiazepine
compounds, they bind to the same GABA A receptors and consequently share many properties. As a full
agonist of those receptors, zopiclone can impact the release of several neurotransmitters, including
serotonin and dopamine. Simple chemical formula of this substance is C17H17CIN6O3, while some of its
other physical properties include a molar mass of 388.8 g/mol and water solubility measured at 0.15
mg/ml at normal temperature.


Due to potential to cause adverse health effects, our products containing zopiclone are offered only for
the purpose of scientific research conducted by qualified professionals. The product is delivered in
airtight packaging, but safety measures must be applied in case it is removed from packaging and
handled directly. The chemical should be kept in a dry and well ventilated place, and should never be
allowed to come into accidental contact with human tissues.


You can order Zopsign 10 from our stock right now. Just complete the purchase on the site using one of
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aware that zopiclone-based products may have different legal status in different jurisdictions and be
sure to check the exact regulations before you complete your order. Buyers bear full responsibility for
the products delivered to their locations and may not hold the online shop liable for any consequences.

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