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Marketed around the world under several brand names including Buspican and Buspar, buspirone is one
of the most promising pharmaceuticals based on its potential for treatment of general anxiety disorder.
The advantage of getting this compound in the form of Buspican 5 is that its 5 mg tablets are very
consistent and reliable. That’s why we receive inquiries about this product from researchers interested
in the physical and chemical profile of buspirone on a regular basis.


Previous research demonstrated that buspirone is an agonist of the serotonin receptors with strong
impact on pre-synaptic as well as post-synaptic processes. It also interacts with the dopamine system,
although in the role of an antagonist. Buspirone is classified as azapirone and is closely related to
gepirone and perospirone which have very similar structure of the molecule. The compound is described
in literature by its simplified formula C21H31N5O2, while its molar mass has been reported as 385.5


In order to prevent any health hazards or accidents, Buspican 5 must be used only for in vitro research
under strictly controlled conditions. While the tablets are protected by packaging, they have to be
handled with care when removed from it and the use of protective gloves is highly recommended. All
other safety precautions must be taken according to lab standards, while immediate medical attention
should be called in case of ingestion of buspirone.


Genuine Buspican 5 tablets are available for ordering from our online shop. We ship our products
internationally to a specified address, with reasonable delivery times. However, buyers have the
responsibility to check local status of pharmaceutical products based on buspirone in their location. We
strongly advise this to be done before placing an order, which becomes nonrefundable as soon as we
process it.

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