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Hypni te 3 mg


Conveniently packaged in five sheets containing ten 3mg tablets each, Hypnite 3 is a popular product
among professional researchers. This is one of the strongest formulations of eszopiclone, which is
believed to display strong hypnotic properties and could potentially be effective against anxiety. Exactly
measured at 3mg per pill and stored in vacuum packaging, tablets can serve as a source of this chemical
needed to test its physical and pharmacological characteristics.


As a non-benzodiazepine hypnotic, eszopiclone binds to the same GABA receptor on the synaptic
neurons as diazepam and modulates its activity. In terms of molecular structure, this compound is just
an S-isomer (or single active enantiomer) of the better known chemical zopiclone, which is reflected
through similar mechanisms of action and interactions. It is also closely related to several compounds
from the cyclopyrrolones family such as pagoclone or suproclone, all of which have anxiolytic impact
through GABA regulation. Structural formula of this chemical is C17H17CIN6O3, while it has molar mass
of approximately 388.8 g/mol.


Products containing eszopiclone or similar compounds are available from our store exclusively for the
needs of professional researchers working in laboratory conditions. Protective equipment (i.e. goggles
and gloves) is recommended when working directly with the substance, while the room must be
ventilated in order to prevent inhalation of vapors or another type of accidental ingestion. Medical
attention should be sought immediately in case the chemical is consumed by mistake.


Customers located in many different places around the world can order any quantity of Hypnite 3 in
original factory packaging from our site. Before ordering, buyers need to find out whether this
compound is legally approved for research purposes in their country. The website is not responsible for
any consequences arising from the failure to establish the status of the product in a timely manner.

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