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SomaBoost 750


There is a lot of interest for safe and effective musculoskeletal pain medications at the moment, and our
online store is helping researchers find out more about suitable candidates by offering research
chemicals manufactured by leading pharmaceutical companies. SomaBoost 750 is much sought after,
since its active component carisoprodol is believed to have certain properties useful for alleviating pain.
With exactly 750 mg of carisoprodol per tablet, this product is very reliable and simple to handle in a
laboratory setting.


Carisoprodol is closely related to certain anxiolytics that have muscle relaxing properties, namely
meprobanate. Due to the substitution of a hydrogen atom with an isopropyl group, it has a markedly
different pharmacological profile from the parent compound. Carisoprodol is easily dissolved in various
liquids, including water, alcohol, and chloroform, which makes its studying more convenient. Molecular
structure of the substance can be gleaned from its formula C12H24N2O4, and mass of the molecule is
weighed at 260.3 g/mol.


Products containing carisoprodol can present a health hazard, which is why they must be tested in a
controlled environment with all standard precautions taken. Direct contact with tablets should be
avoided whenever possible, while the room where the testing takes place must have an adequate
ventilation system. Any attempts to use products obtained from out site outside of the laboratory
context represent a clear violation of our standard terms and policies.


Researchers from all over the world are welcome to order SomaBoost 750 from our stock. We deliver
products internationally, and will organize a direct shipment upon the completion of the transaction.
Buyers are responsible for receiving the shipment and meeting all local laws and regulations regarding
its handling. Our store may not be held liable for any outcomes resulting from failure to ascertain the
status of carisoprodol in the destination country.

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