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Tridon 50 is a genuine pharmaceutical product arriving in original strip packaging. Every tablet in the
packaging has precisely 50 mg of trazodone hydrochloride inside, allowing for simple and convenient
use during scientific experiments. Trazodone has known anti-depressant and anti-anxiety properties,
and its full range of pharmacological interactions is still being examined. That’s why Tridon 50 is in high
demand from researchers residing in many different countries.


Chemical composition of trazodone places it in the group of phenylpiperizine substances,, with a phenyl
ring connected to a piperizine group. In terms of synaptic activity, its complex interaction with the
serotonin receptors is the main area of study, since trazadone acts as an agonist of some receptors and
an antagonist of others, with an additional role in preventing reuptake. Another interesting trait is its
affinity for the histamine receptors, however this bond is relatively weak. The substance is described by
its formula C19H22CIN5O, and has a molar mass of 371.9 g/mol.


Only trained professionals with adequate laboratory equipment should conduct testing of trazodone
hydrochloride or related chemicals. The use of protective glasses and gloves is highly recommended
when removing the product from its packaging and handling it during experiments. As per our terms and
conditions, the chemicals may only be used for in vitro testing while human consumption is strictly
forbidden and may in fact be very dangerous.


Authentic Tridon 50 is available for purchase from our website. We organize deliveries straight to your
door, anywhere in the world. Please be aware that trazodone may be a controlled substance in some
jurisdictions and learn the exact status of this chemical before completing your purchase. Online shop
may not be held liable for any legal or material consequences arising from your order.

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