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This popular pharmaceutical product is based on zopiclone, a nonbenzodiazepine compound with
proven sedative effects and a calming impact during anxious episodes. The product is delivered in
original packaging, with every tablet measured at 7.5 mg of zopiclone inside. This stable and reliable
formulation can be of great assistance to researchers interested in studying the properties of this
compound, and has been in high demand from our online shop.


Zopiclone has been first synthesized in 1986 and has since been extensively tested since. The compound
is known to bind to the same GABA A receptor sites that benzodiazepines are attracted to, which explains
some of the similar pharmacological properties between them. Previous studies discovered an
interaction with dopamine and serotonin systems, although the exact affinities and roles of this
chemical are still less than clear. It has a melting point of 178 ͦ C, its water solubility at room temperature
is 0.15 mg/ml, while its molar mass 388.8 g/mol. Zopiclone is frequently described by its simplified
formula C17H17CIN6O3, and sold under many different brand names.


This product contains potentially harmful chemicals and must be handled with professional level of care.
Zopiclon tablets available from our website are intended strictly for the purpose of in vitro research, and
may not be used otherwise. Use of personal protective equipment is recommended when removing the
tablets from original packaging, while the room where experiments are conducted should have
functioning ventilation. Immediate medical attention is required if the chemical is accidentally ingested.


It’s possible to order 7.5 mg tablets of Zopiclone from our shop regardless of your current location. The
delivery will be arranged straight to your address within a short time. Please check local status of
zopiclone before completing your order, as it may be restricted in certain countries. We are unable to
issue refunds once a purchase has been processed.

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