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Aspadol 200 mg


As one of the products from our offer with great therapeutically and research potential, Aspadol is
among the pharmaceuticals that are in constant demand. Aspadol is a well-known brand name for
tapentadol, a powerful analgesic from the group of benzenoid compounds. It comes in factory packaging
and contains 200 mg tablets, which can be easily used as a source of this research chemical for different
types of physical and biochemical testing.


Tapentadol is noted for its dual role as an agonist of the opioid receptor and inhibitor of norepinephrine
reuptake. Its pharmacological impact is somewhat similar to oxycontin and tramadol, although it doesn’t
interact with serotonin receptors to the same extent. This compound has 32% bioavailability and 20%
protein binding capacity, while its chemical formula is C14H23NO. First synthesized in 1980, tapentadol
has been extensively researched for its analgesic properties and continues to be a viable alternative to
more commonly prescribed opioids.


Considering the range of health issues that can potentially be affected by tapentadol, any contact
between this chemical and the unprotected human tissues must be prevented. For this reason, Aspadol
is available from our store only for purposes of scientific study under safe and controlled conditions. The
use of personal protective gear and regular ventilation are highly recommended to all individuals
working on experiments with this compound.


It doesn’t take more than a few minutes to order Aspadol 200 mg tablets and have them sent to any
address you specify. We deliver high purity chemicals in original packaging, and guarantee for the
contents of every shipment. However, products containing tapentadol and similar opioid chemicals
could be restricted in some parts of the world, and buyers should learn the exact situation before
placing an order, which may not be revoked once it is finalized.

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