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Hypnite 1 mg


This is a pharmaceutical grade product containing 50 tablets measured at exactly 1 mg of active
chemical. Hypnite 1 is based on eszopiclone and is considered to be very similar to etizolam, copiclone
and other well-known research chemicals. It is believed to possess hypnotic properties and to help with
decreasing anxiety, but further study is needed in order to fully understand the pharmacological profile
of the compound. For this reason, Hypnite 1 is in high demand from researchers who use it as a source
of eszopiclone for their testing.


Eszopiclone is sometimes described as nonbenzodiazepine sedative hypnotic belonging to the
cyclopyrrolone family. It is closely related to zopiclon, of which it represents a stereoisomer with only
left handed molecules. This compound bounds to the same receptor that benzodiazepines occupy on
GABA1 neurons, which explains their similar biochemical impact. With this in mind, eszopiclone is
accurately defined as a positive allosteric modulator of benzodiazepine binding sites, and it interacts
with CYP enzymes. Molecular formula of this chemical is C17H17CIN6O3, its molar mass is 388.8 g/mol,
and its CAS number is 138729-47-2.


All products based on eszopiclone must be handled with care and stored in appropriate facilities away
from of sources light or heat. Hypnite 1 is available from our website solely for research purposes and is
not intended for human consumption. Any use outside of controlled laboratory environment is
prohibited by our terms and conditions and may present a serious health hazard.


Hypnite 1 mg tablets in original packaging can be ordered from our stock. We accept multiple payment
methods and ship products all over the world. However, buyers are responsible to check local
regulations and make sure that eszopiclone is legal in their country. Our website may not be considered
liable for shipments that were seized by authorities due to restricted status of this compound in the
destination country.



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