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With a proven role in combating anxiety and depression, Buspican 10 is a pharmaceutical product in very
high demand right now. It contains buspirone as the main ingredient, with exactly 10 mg per tablet. This
makes the product a ready source of this chemical for research purposes. Buspirone has been in the
focus of scientific studies since the late 1960’s, and its interactions with serotonin and dopamine
receptors remain an interesting and highly relevant subject.


Belonging to the class of azapirones, buspirone is chemically very similar to several compounds from this
class such as ipsapirone, tandospirone, and perospirone with a butyl chain holding together different
parts of their molecules. This chemical has a known role as an agonist of pre-synaptic and post-synaptic
serotonin receptors, and as a mild antagonist of dopamine, which explains its pharmacological value.
The formula of buspirone can be summarized as C21H31N502 and its molar mass is 385.5 g/mol.


Our terms and conditions clearly specify that Buspican 10 from our store may only be used for legitimate
in vitro research. The product contains potentially dangerous substances and must be treated as a
hazard. Any personnel coming in direct contact with the tablets should use gloves and goggles to protect
sensitive areas from contact with buspirone. Research should be conducted in well ventilated facilities,
with controlled temperature and humidity.


It’s very simple and convenient for researchers from anywhere in the world to use our online store as
the source of chemicals for their studies. However, it’s important to note that some of our products
including Buspican 10 may contain chemicals that require a special license in some locations. Buyers
assume full responsibility for the shipment on arrival and may not consider our shop liable for any
consequences of their purchase.

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