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Chemical compounds that can be useful in combating anxiety are being intensely researched at the
moment, and tofisopam is one of the most promising. Our Toficalm 100 product is one of the most
stable and reliable brand name formulations of this substance. Toficalm 100 arrives in original factory
packaging, and each tablet contains precisely measured amount of the main active ingredient. This is
why researchers from around the world use it as their source of tofisopam for a range of physical and
biochemical research projects.


While tofisopam belongs to the broader family of benzodiazepines, it has a markedly different chemical
structure and consequently a unique pharmacological profile. Since molecular substitution is performed
in a different location, tofisopam retains anxyolitic properties of this class but doesn’t cause the motor
impairment or anticonvulsant effects typical for more widely known benzodiazepines. Tofisopam is
known to act as an inhibitor of PDE 10A and CYP3A4 enzymes, which adds to its potential medical
applications. Molecular formula of this compound is C22H26N2O4, and its molecular mass is 382.5


Caution is recommended when conducting experiments with Toficalm 100, with full use of protective
equipment. Only in vitro testing under scientific guidance is allowed per our terms of service. Please
make sure that only qualified personnel has access to this chemical, and ventilate the space where
testing is taking place. Immediate medical attention should be sought in case of accidental ingestion.


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regulations and find out the exact status of tofisopam in their place of residence before ordering.


Etizolam replacement.

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