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Lexaheal – 10 mg


This brand name product contains active chemical component escitalopram in the exact quantity of 10 mg per pill, making it very practical for organizing scientific experiments. Escitalopram was first developed in the 1990’s and soon found many pharmacological uses, in particular for the treatment of anxiety. It is manufactured in several countries and is sold under different names, including Lexaheal.  Available in original packaging and containing very consistent amount of escitalopram, Lexaheal 10 is currently one of the most reliable sources of this compound for quantitative research.


This chemical is closely related to citalopram, and is considered to be a powerful selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) with antidepressant and anxiolytic properties that binds strongly to the SERT receptor. It also has a role as a substrate of p-glycoprotein, which affects its affinities and interactions. In chemical terms, escitalopram is the left (or +) stereoisomer or citalopram, which is a racemic mixture of both variations of the molecule. Its molecular formula can be presented as C20H21FN2O, while its molecular mass is measured at 323.4 g/mol in its basic form and 414.4 in the oxalate form.


Lexaheal is intended strictly for research use under laboratory conditions and can be harmful to humans in case of accidental exposure. All standard preconditions for lab work, including proper storage and ventilation as well as the use of protective equipment, are highly recommended when conducting experiments with the compound. Only properly trained and equipped lab technicians should handle the chemical once it’s removed from its packaging.


Lexaheal can be ordered from our website in 10 mg form in any quantity, and delivered directly to your address anywhere in the world. Please note that escitalopram and related chemical products may be restricted in some locations and consult relevant regulations before making an order. Refunds are not available after an order is submitted to our online shop.

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